Palazzo Cucchiari

The exhibition will be held on the main floor of Palazzo Cucchiari, which today serve as the headquarters of the Giorgio Conti Foundation. The Palazzo will once again be re-opening its its beautiful rooms to the public after a careful and detailed restauration by the architect Tiziano Lera.

Palazzo Cucchiari, a majestic 19th century residence, was designed by Leandro Caselli, the man who re-created the face of modern Carrara.

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  • “I have read that the ancients usually adjusted a sound after having produced it, raising and lowering the tone without straying from the rules of harmony. The artist working on a nude must do the same.”






The exhibition, organised by the Giorgio Conti Foundation with the collaboration of the Ermitage Museum of St. Petersburg and curated by Sergej Androsov and Massimo Bertozzi, is being held at Palazzo Cucchiari—the headquarters of the Foundation itself. After a careful and detailed restauration by the architect Tiziano Lera, the Palazzo will once again be re-opening its its beautiful rooms to the public.

The exhibition features sixteen marble sculptures from the Ermitage Museum, two of which being Orpheus by Canova and Trust in God by Bartolini. Seven plasters belonging to the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Carrara will be joining the marble sculptures on display, as well as a second marble copy of Faith in God from the Istituto d’Arte of Massa. The exhibition illustrates the specific contribution of the “carrara school” to the changes in style and taste that accompanied Italy through the change from neo-classical sculpture to realist.

exhibition curated by

Sergej AndrosovMassimo Bertozzi

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